Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween in a Hurry

Do you ever get an idea in your head and decide that it has to be done right away? I do. And when I get excited about a project, there is no stopping me. That is how Halloween was for my family.

I woke up and realized one of my favorite quilt stores was having the start of their after Halloween fabric sale. I decided then that the lack of decorations around the house was depressing and I just HAD to make something for the table for the festivities.

Hence the "great plan..."

I headed to the fabric store, but a half yard of four fabrics and decided I was going to do a chevron table runner. Keep in mind that I have never done one of these, but was excited about the idea. So I got home, cut the rectangles, and began to sew. And no, I had no pattern and no experience, only the drive of the deadline (that night) and my excitement!

Here is what I ended up with:

Halloween Table Topper (Unfinished, top only)
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! But of course, but desire to finish was more than the time I had left and I decided to finish it, that is when it all went wrong. I sandwiched it, sewed the edges, and flipped it like a pillow case. Then I realized that I managed to put the insul-bright on the wrong side of the sandwich and it ended up on the outside of my table runner. NOT GOOD. But what was even worse: I decided to "fix" it. Needless to say I now have to take the whole thing apart and fix more than just the batting.

I will post pictures of the finished project once I get over my disappointment and take it apart. I will try and finish it before I put away the other Halloween stuff. At least that way when I pull out the decorations next year I will have it finished and it will just be a distant memory!

On a MUCH happier note, my daughter was the most adorable Minnie Mouse EVER! Even if she refused to wear her ears! And she absolutely loved trick-or-treating, as long as no one around her was wearing a mask!

"Practicing" Trick-or-Treating
With her friends. This is the closest to standing still I could get!
Checking out her treasures

 She had a blast. At the end of the night she kept dumping her pumpkin and rechecking that her candy was still there. For a second I didn't think we'd be able to pry the pumpkin away so she could go to sleep!

Happy (Belated) Halloween Everyone!