Monday, April 21, 2014

Queen Elsa and a Frozen Obsession

To say that my daughter loves the movie Frozen is an understatement. 

She is obsessed! 

We watch it every other day. Every morning she insists I do her hair as either Anna or Elsa. She plays with the toys. She reads the books. She has the decals on the wall. 

It is a good thing I enjoy the movie as well, or I would be driven insane every time we get in the car and she insists we listen to "Frozen music."

So imagine my joy when I found this project on

And here is my little queen Elsa.

(please note the single "Queen Elsa" braid…)

I have some more sewing projects to add, but as they are gifts I have to wait a few weeks to add them. Hopefully I'll have some other sewing projects to add before then!

Until next time!

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