Friday, October 19, 2012

"Two by Two" and why you shouldn't quilt tired

I did it! I finally finished the "Two by Two" quilt top I've been working on! It feels like I've been working on this for forever, when in reality I only took the class three weeks ago.

Maybe it's because I have so many projects that I am excited about and wanted this finished before I could start!

Andy bought me the makings for this quilt on his R&R from Afghanistan, complete with another pattern. I loved the fabric, but wasn't as into the pattern it came with. So I waited to make it. Upon arrival in Virginia and checking out the local quilt shop (Jo Jo's Quilt Shop) I noticed a class and thought my fabric would be great in the quilt!

Melrose by Red Rooster Fabrics
(Black is not part of collection)
The pattern was "Two by Two." My instructor, Laura Blanchard, designed it for Plum Tree Quilts. It consists of making a million squares that look like this and matching them together...

Like this:

Add the boarders, and voila, you have this:

This is the first quilt I've made for ME! I LOVE IT!

That being said, this was a great learning experience. Taking my first ever quilting class was a great way to pick up tricks of the trade. Did you know there is a wrong way to iron? And of course I was doing it that way! I also learned some great tricks for cutting. Including using multiple rulers for one cut and not using the grid on the cutting mat. It was wonderful!

With all great learning experiences also comes the time where you find your weaknesses. Matching seams is a great weakness for me. Some of mine matched perfectly, and others didn't come together so well. But practice makes perfect so I will continue to work on it!

                 ^Great match                      ^ Not so great
I was VERY determined to finish the quilt last night and made one simple mistake after another. It probably took twice as long to finish the boarder as it should have. It was both because of the rushing to finish and the fatigue I felt from sewing late into the night. That is one of the reasons that for now the quilt is being put away while I create some more fun stuff! I need to put it away before I rush the back and/or quilting just to get it done. The quilting process shouldn't be rushed, so I know when to step back!

Last but not least, what is a quilt blog with an adorable picture of my tiny lady? Andy was VERY helpful this week entertaining her so I could finish my top. She loves playing hide and seek with her Daddy, but she hasn't quite figured out the hiding portion yet! She loves to stand and count with him... She's too funny! (She was mid-outfit change during this round, hence the topless baby)

Until next time!

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